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This apply mostly to real estate and insurance agents

Follow the 3 EASY steps below and you will get your CSN package within 5 working days

Step 1

goto http://mycpf.cpf.gov.sg/Employers

Click on login here with Singpass


Select Other Employer Service


Step 2

Look for this option

“If you do not have a CSN, please obtain one with your SingPass.”

You will be redirected to a Singpass login page, go ahead and login

Once you are login, you will see this screen

Submitting CPF Contribution Details

Step 3

Choose this option

Employer who is trading under own name
Employer with local domestic worker

DO NOTE THAT Sole Proprietor is not Self Employed

The Correct Option

Extra notes :

What is CPF Submission Number (CSN)?

CSN is the number you use to transact with CPF Board e.g. making CPF payments, paying foreign worker levies and making any request relating to employer matters. For entities, the CSN is the “Unique Entity Number (UEN) + CPF Payment Code”. For employers trading under their own names (e.g. individuals hiring a personal driver, gardener, local domestic worker etc), the CSN is the “NRIC/Foreign Identification Number (FIN) + CPF Payment Code”.
For individuals hiring foreign domestic workers or the self-employed, the CSN is the individual’s NRIC/FIN.

What is Unique Entity Number (UEN)?

The UEN is the standard identification number of an entity. The UEN is for registered entities while the NRIC is for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents. The UEN uniquely identifies the entity.

Will Individuals be issued with a UEN?

Individuals will not be issued with a UEN. They will interact with government agencies using their NRIC or ID numbers or SingPass if they are Singapore IC holders.

What is CPF Payment Code ?

Employers will transact with CPF Board using their CPF Submission Number (CSN). The CSN comprises the employers’ Unique Entity Number (UEN) and CPF Payment Code.
The CPF Payment Code identifies the different types of payments made by employers to the Board. For example, the mandatory CPF contributions, voluntary contributions, Additional Medisave Contribution Scheme, etc.

Is it mandatory for all companies to apply for a CPF Submission Number (CSN) with CPF Board?

All employers are required to apply for a CSN to make CPF payments as soon as they intend to hire any Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident employees.

Can I use my Unique Entity Number (UEN) to perform transactions with CPF Board? Why do I have to use my CPF Submission Number (CSN)?

No. You must use your CSN to perform transactions with CPF Board. The CSN is the UEN + CPF Payment Code. The UEN alone is not sufficient to identify the different types of CPF payments made by you.

SEO Trainer

This will be a very simple to understand 2 day course on SEO
you will learn
on site
off site
link building
keyword research

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What is SEO ?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of ranking your website higher on the search engine, optimising your website on the results of the search engines. Appearing on Google page 1 for your search terms has many benefits

  • Free Organic Traffic
  • Targeted Audience, people searching for golf clubs online, wants to buy golf clubs
  • Branding
  • Superior ROI, its has been proven in studies that SEO has better ROI on normal Ads
  • Results are usually permanent 

How do we rank our website higher ?

It come downs to 2 factors, paying attention to on site and off site SEO

On Site Seo refers to what is on your page, how should you structure your content and meta description

HOW RELEVANT is your content and is it helpful to users

We have to look out for things like Title Tag, what is between <title></title>
It has to be related to the search terms we are ranking

Header tags like H1 – H3, this lets search engine know what is the page about

URL structure, if your website is about hello kitty craze
This is good –> www.example.com/Hello-kitty-craze
This is not good –> www.example.com/id=21

Image description, the search engine cant read pictures, you have to put in the description to make their job easier, use the attribute ALT, <img src=”smiley.gif” alt=”Smiley face”>

Speed of the page, to be exact web loading speed, Google has made it known that it will use page load as a signal http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.sg/2010/04/using-site-speed-in-web-search-ranking.html

There is others on site optimization you need to take note about. This tiny area here cant contain it all.

Here is a picture for you to visualize


Off-site SEO refers to anything that is not part of your own website or blog, but that contributes to your PageRank.

1.) Citations
Google is paying very close attention to how many times your website / brand is mentioned across the Internet. This means, it’s important to claim / setup your Google Places page, claim your Yelp page, get others to mention your company name through reviews, etc.. The more Google sees your active brand across the Internet, the more weight it will put upon your rankings.

2.) Social Influence
Google is watching your social media channels to see how influential your company / brand is. How many interactions are happening? How many followers / fans do you have? How often are you generating / posting content? How often is that content being shared? The more horsepower that your social media channels crank out, the more likely that Google will reward your website with rankings.

3.) Inbound Links
It is very important to have high authority websites point back to you. The key with link building is relevance. The more relevant, high quality links that point back to your website, the more likely Google is to not only crawl your website more frequently, but reward your website with search engine rankings.

This is the gist of it, we call the entire process link building. There are many ways and ideas on how to get down to building links. That will have to wait for another blog post.


If everyone “votes” for your site, it will rank higher on the search engine


Alright now you know what is the basic of SEO. If i can put the entire process into 1 sentence. It will be this

Create really good, awesome and quality content that user will like and share and search engine will reward you with a high ranking